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Hello from MA

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Hi everyone.
I recently decided to get into crossbow hunting for deer and turkey. I'm 62 yrs young and have never shot a crossbow. In fact, I haven't bow hunted for about 12 years because of my love for pheasant hunting with my labs and taking the 20ga for a stroll with friends.
However, I recently determined I'm eligible for a crossbow hunting permit in my home State of MA because I'm too old/weak to pull back a compound, which is both exciting and sad. But I'm focusing my attention on the excitement.
And I like forums - they're generally a great place to learn and share. And from what I've seen so far, CNF looks like a great place to get my feet wet and start my learning curve. I appreciate the opportunity you have provided me to read and share.
Right now I have my sights set on the Center Point Amped 415 because of a friends suggestion and from what I have read here. I saw it today on a website for $275 incl shipping so my finger is getting itchy.
Thanks again for allowing me to join.
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Welcome. I am new to crossbownation and crossbows as well. Yep, I am getting older too. Hit the big 70 in 2019. Same issue with my compound, having shoulder and eye peep sight issues. Crossbows are coming on strong in the hunting community among us older hunters. I own an Excalibur Grizzly and shoots 300 fps and easy to cock and decock after the hunting day.
Welcome to the Nation.
Welcome to the boards. :)
Welcome to the Nation from a former New Englander.
Welcome to the boards. :)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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