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Hello from maine

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Got my first xbow for Christmas from the wife. She got me the wicked ridge worrier ultra light package. Amazed how accurate it is. This has been the best source of information for a new guy to Xbows. Thank you all for the great knowledge and posts.
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Welcome aboard, Buckshot1211.:D What's on your target list??
Welcome to the boards. :)
I got the bow for deer hunting. I bought the acurope50. Bought the ten point sds string dampener. I stuck with the Easton xx75 magnum 20 arrows with Omni nock. In the fence if I should buy next round of arrows with alpha nicks on them. Also thinking about bow Jax silencer kit
Welcome to the Nation neighbor, great place to chat and get some good advice.Stephen.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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