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Hello from Minnesota

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Hello everyone,

Long time rifle hunter beginning a transition to crossbow hunting. Age and issues are playing havoc on my hunting methods. I currently hunt in Northern Minnesota with a great group of mostly older men. We have 16 enclosed free-standing blinds and two portable blinds. Taking a realistic look into the future (not too far, I'm 72) I'm seeing the need to broaden my hunting opportunities.
I purchased a Centerpoint AMP 415 two weeks ago, so I'm slowly on my way. Hunting with a crossbow broadens my hunting opportunities. So, I'm here to learn and apply what I learn.

Happy Hunting!
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Welcome to the Nation.
Welcome from Central MN!
Welcome to the Nation.
Welcome aboard!
Welcome to the boards. :)
Welcome to the Nation.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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