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Hello from New Hampshire

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Greetings all! I am new to the Crossbow and Crossbow Hunting. I own an Excalibur Grizzly GRZ2 purchased 3 months ago. I have been hunting with bow and arrow and rifle for more than 50 years. My older body and eyes tell me it is time to add the crossbow to my hunting tools. I love to hunt and I love to eat and cook wild game till I pass from this earth. New Hampshire has added Crossbow Hunting to zones that are abundant with deer and broadened the use of the Crossbow by Senior Citizen Hunters like me. Can't have enough back straps in my freezer y'know.
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You will love the GRZ2. Very accurate
Welcome to the CBN! :)
Welcome to the boards. :)
Welcome neighbor,
Great place to chat and get some good advice.
Welcome to the nation
Thanks for the welcome. It has been chilly here, in the teens. Brrr. Have some Excalibur items coming to quiet the bow some. Will let you know how they work from the shooters end. Just added some Lumenock to my bolt/arrows. Very painful experience to get the old inserts out. Will buy the arrow with Lumenok's already installed in future.
Welcome from a former New Englander. I also own a couple of Excalibur bows, among them a first model Grizzly.
Great shooting bow, very accurate with almost any arrow you put on the rail.
I wouldn't spend too much money with add-ons, as you won't really quiet your bow all that much. Maybe a set of Danny Miller's " buggy bumpers" or the R.E.D.S. just to dampen the vibration to the limbs.
Good hunting.
Yes putting on R.E.D.S. first. Great Accuracy and love the de-cocking at end of day. I just put Luminok's on my arrows. Measured FOC with Lumenok at 15% for broadheads which is very good.
How goes it out in Okie country.
Only getting worse here in CT these days, hopefully getting out in a couple years myself.
Hi stm, best thing I ever did. My wife and moved to the southeastern part of the state, very close to the Kiamichi mountains. Laid back lifestyle here in the country.
I was lucky enough to take 2 deer so far in my first Oklahoma deer season. We've got wild pigs to hunt here too.
There's other big game species as well, if you can get the proper permits.
It's just a different world here compared to the rat race back in Connecticut.
I don't have any family back there but I did leave some wonderful friends, my hunting buddy Brad, especially.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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