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Hello from New Jersey

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Hello...Name is Stew and I'm new to this site and as a crossbow owner/shooter.
Over the past few years my right shoulder has gone bad and shooting vertical speed bows for deer was getting quite difficult. I opted to purchase a crossbow based on a friends recommendation and having seen him shoot his Ravin.

A few weeks ago I pulled the trigger and purchased a Tenpoint Wickedridge 400 and absolutely love this bow! This allows me to stay in the bowhunting game without destroying what's left of an old shoulder!

I'm enjoying this crossbow and have it dialed in for 20 and 30 yards so far. This is a very accurate bow off of the bench...very very tight groups!

Cannot wait until I take my first whitetail with it. Happy Thanksgiving and best of luck the rest of the season!
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Welcome to the boards.:)
Welcome to the nation. Good luck getting that first deer.
Welcome fellow New Jersyean. I'm sure your going to love your WR RDX400. It's not much different than my Carbon Nitro.
Welcome to the Nation.
Welcome aboard!
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