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Hickory Creek Vertical Crossbow/Tact Zone Scope -- Perfect Condition

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Am selling this simply because it is time to move onto something else.

This is the mini vertical crossbow, and it shoots a 23" carbon arrow at 320 fps. It only weighs 4.5 pounds -- so it is perfect for blind hunting or the young person. It has plenty of punch as it shot the wide expandable Dead Ringer broadhead clear thru an 8 point buck!

I used it 2 seasons and treated it very well. The bow package sells for $ 750 and $ 125 for the scope upgrade.

$ 450 and I'll cover shipping. This is a well made, quality bow. You get bow, quiver, scope with Butler Creek covers, 3 new expandable broadheads, 5 Victory arrows, and 6 shafts with knocks that only need fletching added.

If interested shoot me a PM -- thanks!

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Great little bow at a great price doesn't last long.
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