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Hog Hunting

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I've pretty much finished up my first Oklahoma deer season. Can't complain, was able to take 2 deer for the freezer. I saw quite a few, including 2 really nice bucks.
My neighbor has given me permission to hog hunt on their 160 acres. I've found a lot of sign, tracks, rubs. Hog hunting is a new game for me. Been using the same tactics as for deer hunting. I don't know if I should be doing anything different?
Any tips would be greatly appreciated.
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If baiting is legal, pour out some corn in the area where you've found sign. The closer to thick bedding area the better. Don't worry about trying to sour your corn, the hogs will find and eat it just fine right out of the bag.
The hogs in my area have gone mostly nocturnal after nearly four months of hunting season. The closer to their bedding area you can get the better your chances are of catching them in legal shooting hours. Stalking/Still hunting is always another option. Put your nose into the wind and move slowly through or near thick bedding areas. Many times if the hogs are near you can hear and or smell them before you see them.
Good luck
Thanks SW, baiting on private land is legal here. Between that and scouting/ hunting, I'm bound to run into one sooner or later.
Pay attention to the wind. Hogs have a better nose that whitetails. If you don’t have a favorable wind, you won’t see any hogs.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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