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Horton Hawk SL

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Any info or opinions on this model would be greatly appreciated.

Draw weight? FPS? Quality? How old?

Thanks in advance for the help.

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Hello XbowSteve, Horton built the Hawk SL for (2) years (2000-2001). A good quality bow in it's day, 150# Draw, originally rated at (175 fps). For reference: String (ST019), Cables (ST009). Crossbowjoe
Only an opinion....but if you are looking to buy it sounds like a fairly slow crossbow @ 175 fps compared to today's standards. I don't think there's many crossbows out there today that advertises less than 300 fps nowadays other than a few really cheap recurve xbows. I could be wrong though. Just my opinion...…...
Correction on the speed of the Hawk SL, it was rated at (275 fps) not (175), my bad, Crossbowjoe
Just like to know what the value on a Horton hawk sl croos bow with a simmons scope used
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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