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Horton Hunter 150 HD

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Last year I purchased a new crossbow so am considering selling my original one and accessories.
Can you help me with what is a fair $ value for the following package?

•Horton Hunter 150 HD
• Serial #B14119
•Camo finish
•Bought new in 200?
•4x32 Horton crossbow scope SSO66, multi range lines, Green/Red, variable, illuminated brightness,
•Adjustable range dial
•Limb & String vibration dampeners
•(4) Horton 20”aluminum arrows
•(3) Wasp 75 gr Bh
•(1) Rage chisel tip 100 gr Bh
•(1) 100 gr field tip
• cocking pull strap
• Plano Model 1131 crossbow hard case
•Bow, string, scope all excellent condition
• 4 deer taken, including sighting- in, shot maybe 20 times
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I’m good... I received information from a knowledgeable Horton person that this package should fetch a price between $100-$300. at this time of year. He also suggested that if I wanted to sell, doing so in September could allow for an increase in the price. Thanks!
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