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Horton Storm

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I have an opportunity to buy Horton Storm. The guy says he only has 20 shots out of it. He wants $500. What are your thoughts? Worth it? Did they stop making these? Replaced by the Vortec maybe? Thanks !
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No, the Storm RDX 370 was the flagship of the TenPoint / Horton line in 2015-2017. Yes, it's out of production but still a very serviceable crossbow that TenPoint will support.

The Vortec RDX 350 was the next model down that came out in 2017. It was slightly slower, a little shorter, had fixed cheek pad and stock pad vs the Storm's with composite rail vs the Storm's machined aluminum rail.

---------------------------Horton Vortec --------------------------- Horton Storm-----------
Machine Tripod

Storm's were $1,200, very nice quality crossbows in their day. If it has the ACDdraw and the RangeMaster Pro scope, it would be a nice buy at $400.

You can buy TenPoint's RDX400 today for about $750 and it would have a full warranty and is significantly faster.
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Thank you TX for the detailed info. I thought it might be priced a little high that’s why I asked. I’m not in the market for a new bow but always looking for a deal. I will keep the Wicked Ridge bow in mind.
I’ve got a Storm, bought it new in 16. Nice shooting bow, plenty speed and balances well, very accurate shooter. Shot several nice bucks with it including an 8 ptr this past October. Would like to upgrade sometime but this bow does everything I need it to do. Mine came with the Proview scope. I never liked that scope. Last season I replaced it with a Hawke XB1 sr and that scope works great.
Holy cow if $500 is high for a gently used Storm I'm glad I got rid of mine a year ago!!!
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Holy cow if $500 is high for a gently used Storm I'm glad I got rid of mine a year ago!!!
Means I'll be keeping mine!
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