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Notice wyvearns puts the 2-8x on the faster Ravin ready to hunt packages.
I like the 1.5x6x hawke scope better for HUNTING white tail deer.
I inquired if a person could request and get the smaller mag scope in lieu of the bigger mag. His reply was yes but would cost $35 bucks more.

Big bucks like to move closer to dark. Hence speed wheel on larger mag scope will be diale dto higher mag I.e. 435-450fps bow. Hence higher mag with all other things being equal will have less field of view, and ability too see ia be in lower light more compromised vs the use of the lower mag scope.
Use of new R29x with 400 grain setup bolt wise one will have the hawke 2-8x scope jacked up past 7x on the mag. Not my cup of tea. Even on R20 or R29 the 2-8x too much mag (speed wheel setting).
I have a friend very interested in upgrading his crossbow. He’s tone between TP and Ravin. And was inquiring for him to give him his options.

Some folks may find the above info helpful.

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