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I have a SCORPYD and need some advice please

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I bought this crossbow from Jerry at Southshore and have never used it in fact I can honestly say I shot this 1 single time and decide I would stick to a compound bow and it has been just sitting in the case for months and months so with that being said, I have ever box and two dozen Spinal Tapp arrows from Jerry still in the box the crossbow is 100% Mint, here are a few pictures if someone would be so kind to tell me what would be fair for me to sell this to someone on here as I have no clue what this is worth, I don’t need it and I want it to go to someone who feels they are getting a good deal so please advice me as to what would be a extremely fair price to sell this crossbow ?

Thanks for your time and advice,

Danny Dossett Jr.

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extremely fair price $1000-$1200. Very nice xbow with the original accudraw. Aculeus 460fps
Just thinking out loud.....
fair deal.....70% of list
good deal...60% of list
great deal....50% of list
unbelievable deal...less than 50% of list

Oh yeah, What model, limbs/speed, what model accudraw?
If that is an Aculeus I may be interested. I have been looking at the Nemesis and have been having a hard time deciding. Getting my feet wet with a Scorpyd that is like new without the new price tag might be just the ticket.
Crossbow is SOLD.

Thank You everyone for your help.

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