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I am slack at getting in the "welcomes" I know, and that is because I am spread really thin trying to make a living.

So ....

I am welcoming all of you that I have missed so far, and I want to welcome all of you who are going to join in the future.

This crossbow forum is the first one I have been a member of where attacks are so rare that they almost are non existent. People here are extremely helpful, and friendly. If you have a question just ask it. Someone on in this forum family will most likely be able to help you.

If you have any ideas, or tips, feel free to post them. Know that when you do, you will actually help someone even though you may not know it when you do.

Also, please help support and spread the news about "Crossbow Nation" and the on line store. The more we grow, the better things can get.

So .... in short .... welcome aboard.
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