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If you have had limbs break or splinter how did it happen?

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I am not trolling with this question but curious how usually limbs break. Guessing that most 'fails' are more cosmetic than anything else but still a problem.

Did the bow limb crack when shot, did it crack while cocked, or did you not notice anything with bow shooting fine but found a splinter on a limb?

My experience has been that on a second generation Micro 355 a limb delaminated the entire length across the thin direction. It was a catastrophic event, bow was cocked and loaded and sounded like a .22 going off.
The other incident was not dramatic, I was inspecting my BD400 and saw a large splinter hidden under the pad of the Airbrakes. Bow was shooting great and probably would have been fine for years but it was a 3" plus splinter so replaced under warranty.
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I have had 4 sets of limbs (go) on me since I started shooting crossbows. The first two were both on a Parker Buckbuster 175 and both times they were at full cock when the middle of the limbs snapped loose. I had an Excal Vortex come straight out of the box with a splinter about 3" long on the left limb. I snapped it off and shot the bow two full deer seasons before getting new limbs. The 4th was an Excal Matrix 330 that I bought used off the classifieds from George (Mainstreet) and I was the 4th or 5th owner. I removed the limbs one day and noticed a crack starting across the limb so I got new limbs for it. I figure it had probably been dryfired a few times before I bought it.
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