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Introduction - Help with Crossbow

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Hi Crossbow Nation,

I am new to the forum. I live near Seattle but hunt wherever I can, and that includes Pennsylvania. I am also an avid compound bow hunter, but I am looking to pick up a crossbow to use in hunting in Pennsylvania. The PA rules view a crossbow the same as a compound bow, so it seems like a good excuse to enter the crossbow nation. I've been researching crossbows for a few months, and have basically come down to probably either a takedown Excaliber or I also like the looks of the Mission Sub1. I've seen some deals showing up on the Sub1 which put them in the same cost bracket, but the takedown feature would be especially useful for me since I travel to hunt quite a bit. Any advice is welcome! If I go the Excaliber route, I especially like the Micro 340/360 TD Pro.
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Welcome to the boards. :)
I suggest the Excalibur...
Welcome to the CBN! :)

I'd opt for the Mission Sub-1. Size (width mostly), adjustability and I like 350+ arrow speeds.
Welcome to the Nation.
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