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Is the A4 really quieter?

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For you A4 owners that have used other various brands. Is the A4 really substantially quieter than the others you have had experience with?
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Yes these bows are pretty darn quiet.

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I've only shot a few different bows, the A4 is the quietest, but far from quiet, not like a compound anyways. Think about it, most bows are around 175 to 225 fps, that's the string speed at release, slapping the stops. I've shot very heavy arrows from my A4, 675gr and it still pops. I've settled at 528 grs for reasonable trajectory. good to 31 yds -2 in
I would like to correct my above statement, the reference to 175-225 is of course common poundages of cross bows. Its the final speed of the string at the stops that create the noise, the faster the string the more noise that can be expected at the shot. And of course the force at which it hits the stops will greatly influence the noise level.
what you get for speed with a4 and arrow wieght?...draw wieght only 150 lbs.?
draw weight is 175#, my bow shot 376 fps with a 390 grn arrow
draw weight is 175#, my bow shot 376 fps with a 390 grn arrow
thanks for specs
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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