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KI 2020 Catalog

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Since I had strong interest in the new 2020 KI Swat XP after reading reviews from the ATA Show, I ordered their new 2020 Catalog. Much to my surprise there are no pictures nor is there any mention of the new, soon to come 2020 Swat XP Model. This must explain why they aren't further along with it then having only working models at the show. Looks to me their decision on bringing it back as KI’s top of the line, high end model for 2020 was made after they printed new Catalogs. Oh well, better late then never and I’m sure Old Flyer & Sew would both agree with me on that.
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The KI rep or Oldflyer can correct this, if it needs correcting; but I expect that the final speed wasn’t set in concrete due to late changes when the catalog went to press. These changes were likely still ongoing when the printing was in progress .
KI needs to be appreciated for listing actual speeds. Both of my SWATs slightly exceed their advertised speeds. My two much higher dollar bows don’t even come close.
I am to understand that they are printing updated inserts for the physical catalog and they are not just for the SWAT XP.
Also, very few catalogs go out as most people will be downloading it. That will be quicker than waiting for any postal delivery anyway.
Old Flyer, At 73 I can download if necessary, but can’t deny it I like the feel of the actual catalog in my hands. Too old & much a creature of habit I guess. Where is the best place to go to get all the specs & details KI has on the new Swat XP then? Is it all on their website??
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