Didnt expect to sell this but unfortunately needing a little relief after xmas. Im selling my Killer Instinct Swat X1. Has about 40 or 50 shots thru it. Bow is in excellent shape. I lubed the strings up best i could but does have a little wear where pull rope hooks to it but they will still last awhile. I rid of the original scope and put a Hawke XB30 Pro on it. Added riser blocks to raise it up 3/4" i believe is what they measured. I bought a dozen of the hyprbolts(never pulled out of boxes) and have the original 3 (only 1 or 2 were shot 1 or 2 times). I will include some firenock flat nocks w/ o rings, 5 glory lighted nocks, some unopened arc nocks, and 5 custom black eagle punisher arrows that are about 470gr IIRC with included 125gr SS match points. Comes with original 3 arrow quiver. I DO NOT have the crank that came with it and i do not have a case (ordered it months ago and still hasnt come in). 900 tyd! May be a couple days til i can ship pending how work lands. Thank you.