Killer Instinct crossbows has a new crossbow for 2016 called the Furious 370FRT. This new crossbow weighs in at just over 7 pounds. It is pretty compact with an axle to axle of 17.5" when uncocked and only 13.5" when cocked. The Furious 370 has many great features including a Trigger Tech frictionless trigger set at two pounds of pull with zero creep. The crossbow also comes with a Hogue overmold grip and BCY strings and cables which are known for their low creep and accuracy. The Furious crossbow from Killer instinct also has a unique foot stirrup that has a rubber coating making it quiet and it tucks in under the riser to help decrease the overall length of the crossbow. The package comes with an illuminated Killer Instinct Lumix scope, 3 KillerTech crossbow arrows, a quiver, a rope cocking aid to make cocking the crossbow easier, and rail lube. For those of you that struggle to cock your crossbow, Killer Instinct Crossbows have also come out with a new cocking winch for 2016 called the Talon ICS, or Intergrated Cocking System. This is rumored to be a small and streamlined cocking winch that has a detachable handle.