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Killer instinct or center point? 415

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Looking at the 415 of each any info appreciated
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When I was shopping and test shooting some new crossbows a couple months ago, one shop had quite a few KI Ripper 415 with limb issues.
I bought my ripper 415 at Northwoods Wholesale Outlet for 249.99 on sale. I think its awesome.
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I wonder if KI is still going to produce the Ripper 415. They have just announced a few new models with approximately the same speed.
Killer instinct.

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Forget about the 415 ripper, 3 of my friends had them, all 3 busted limbs, one even had it happen twice. I have been playing with the Amp for a buddy,, for the price pretty solid, make sure you can cock these bad boys. I am short and have had a difficult time.
Also Centerpoint has great CS,
KI CS isnt as responsive
I have a Ripper and I had trouble with a shovel. The customer service sent me an arc to Argentina without paying anything. They responded quickly and well it is in those moments where you are glad to have a lifetime warranty ...
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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