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Dear KI rep,

Thank you so much for keeping us posted about the products released at the ATA show with great pictures and short video clips. One thing I have not seen and I am sure it is there right infront of my face and that is when can we expect to see the new models, (speed 425 4 me) in retail stores? Will it be in time for spring turkey season? Regardless, KI is a great company, your customer service is top notch and I like how you support your local distributors. On your website you are selling the SWAT XP for 999.99, but are allowing dealers to sell it for 899.99, love that you support small ma and pa shops that is what makes archery, hunting and the outdoor sports flourish and so special is that some of these little ma and pa shops have been in buisness for decades and they know what works best in their area and are very willing and open to share information. All you have to do is ask, and you will not be connected to some call center in some 3rd world country. Km eep up the good work and you will have a customer for life, or well you already do because of your amazing warranty. I am sure if more people knew about your warranty, they would consider KI.
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