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Killer Instinct Swat

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I’ve decided to sell my Swat due to never shooting it. I bought this new from my local shop prior to last season and it has been shot a total of less than 10 times. I still shoot a compound and just prefer using it. I bought this thinking I might take it out during late season, but I have never taken it out since buying it. I shot it a couple times when I bought it to sight it in, then a couple times prior to this season just to make sure it was still dialed in. Other than those two occasions, it’s never been out of my safe. It is in new condition with no signs of use.

Included is a Hawke XB30 scope, 5 bolts, quiver and sling that have never been attached or used, and the cocking rope. $600 shipped PayPal or MO. Please let me know if you have any questions, thanks!

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Sweet deal! Looks like the black beauty that appeared under my Christmas tree!!!! :D
Saw that come'n!!! :)
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