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LIttle help

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I picked up a CP whisper renegade 390 at TG on sale. I picked up some cheap arrows from AP and they are not stiff enough for the broad heads and tend to flex into different directions as I found out yesterday. ;)
I have some old Barnett 22 inch arrows from the old Quad that I had 10 years ago and never really used.
These shafts are stiff. Is there any problem using these if they are sighted in and I can get some better bolts?

I have several thousand acres of land I can go hunt hogs and coyotes and takes pictures of all sorts of animals on the game ranch from elk, red deer to trophy deer. I chase most of them esp the big bucks with a camera.

I can shoot does on one of the small places close to to town till I drop. That is why I got the CB Think this will work? I need some meat and this sounds like more fun than shooting up to 250 yards off the door or mirror.
Leaving out in two hours.
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