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Looking for a case for my Mission sub 1 xr with foot stir up

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what case do you guys and gals recomend, for my Mission sub 1 xr with the foot stir up.
what are you using with yours.if you have a picture please show it here.
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I use soft cases for my crossbows. Mission probably has cases that you can order from them directly,
If your Xbow ATA uncocked is 18" or less than Plano Spire HardCase is a nibble and a secure option. Don't let the amount space in the pic confuse you. The hard case is one of the smallest hard cases on the market.

My Barnett TS370 ATA is 16.75" and there is plenty of room in this hard case.

I also use the 30/06 Coffin soft case for most of my traveling needs. That is a great option.

Hope this helps.

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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