Items For Trade:

Tire Wheel Bicycle part Automotive tire Fender

Hat Fedora Tire Wheel Automotive tire

Bicycle tire Crankset Automotive tire Light Bicycle frame

So I have this sub 1 lite I bought a year ago. I don't shoot it much, and intended to use as a target bow. I hunt more than I thought I would and target shoot almost never these days. It's too heavy for my hunting style. Open to interesting trade. Looking for something of similar quality that is in the 7 pound range that is easy to rope cock. Scope is gone. Has hha wheel / rail specific to mission sub 1 series. Stirrup. Future forged grip (nice). Bubble level. Shoots lights out. Shoots blood sport witness I have both 20 and 22 inch.

Scorpyd deathstalker would be ideal if it were easy to rope cock. I will consider all serious offers. Won't hurt me to keep it.

I can do up or down. Hat nfs.