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Memorable Hunting trips

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It isn't always the biggest that makes the memories.
My most memorable was a hunt the second week of deer season.
My Father In Law had passed the winter before and I was hunting solo the first rifle week of deer.
I left my stand up and bike at the camp planning to hunt the last weekend solo again.
Woke up Saturday morning at 4 A.M. to a foot of snow.
It was a heck of a trip just to make it to the camp.
White Mountain definitely lived up to its name that day.
I made it to camp by 6 A.M.
Got out of the truck and it was blowing about a twenty mile an hour wind.
I thought I might as well hunt before pulling the stand.
I was thinking about my F.I.L. making it as tough as he could for me and chuckling about that hard headed bowhunter that won't give up...
I was in my stand by 7:30 and the wind was howling and the tree I was in was swaying back and forth like a ships mast...
I'm thinking ,no way a deer is gonna' move in this .Suddenly about 8 A.M. I see a doe making her way up the hill and walk under my stand.
Then about two minutes after comes a buck dogging her trail.
I thought wow this is going to be easy...
About thirty yards from my stand he decides to angle in to the thick brush and head her off.
Damn....only one small window about thirty yards away …..
He stops in the only window I had on that whole hillside and lets me take a beauty double lung shot.
When I had packed my stand out to my bike I came back and found him piled up a hundred yards away.
I breathed a silent prayer and a thanks to my F.I.L. for giving a hard headed bow hunter a chance at a beautiful buck and some fine eating....
Let's hear your most memorable hunt...….
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A nice buck and cabin.
Thanks for sharing.
All the best.
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You would think it would be my Brown Bear or my monster Alaskan Moose.
Nope it was this Morreno sheep . Our group was the last one to be able to hunt Santa Cruz Island. Which is part of the Channel Islands. The island was half owned by the federal government and half owned by a Mr. Greeley, who was allowed to use private groups for hunting on his portion of the island. When he died at that point the federal government took over the whole island and eradicated all non-indigenous game there for killing all the Hogs and sheep.
One of the toughest hunts i have been on and the most picturesque. And it was the least expensive hunts I've ever been on also.
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Bowmanmt; Beauty ram!!!! I've had many, but my most exciting would have to be my Stone ram this past Aug 2nd in northern BC!!!!
If anyone missed it and likes big mountains....;
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My most memorable hunts has to be when my son and daughter got their first whitetails.
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Yes, my daughter's hunts were awesome to be part of also!!!
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Being in the Southeastern part of the country where virtually all hunting areas are heavily wooded with some adjoining farm fields, it seems so strange to me seeing other parts of the country where people are hunting areas with no trees in sight. Seems that would really present big challenges.

When I did a lot of traveling all over the country and Europe before retiring, I was invited to hunt in many areas but never had the time to do that. I used my vacation weeks to deer hunt locally and was perfectly content with that. My most rewarding hunt over the years happened just a little over a year ago in October 2018. It wasn’t planned at all and was what we refer to as “the spur of the moment” deals. The story of that hunt was in one of the Crossbow Magazine issues. I won’t go into the details but the fact that my wife decided to go out with me for the first time in 30 years and was sitting 15 yards from me, watching it happen, made it special. It was the first deer I had shot in 3 years. She said as we were walking back to the farm house, “See how easy that was?”:rolleyes: She hunted with me quite a bit this season and knows now it’s not that easy:p. I did not pull the trigger a single time.
Here is my 2018 crossbow buck:

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What a hog, Moon!!!! Ya, the alpine is a lot different....but I love it!!!! Just gotta set up for some looong shoot'n! But that's been fun also!!! A real learning curve, I tell ya!!! And have a lot of light weight gear!....
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