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NRC Considering Zone 3 Firearms Antlerless Season in October

The Natural Resources Commission (NRC) is currently considering a 5-day firearms antlerless deer season beginning the second weekend in October for the southern half of the Lower Peninsula (Zone 3). The MDNR has recommended to the NRC an October antlerless season to help reduce the deer population in the TB-affected counties in the northeast portion of the state, with the possibly of including all of Zone 3. With the deer population as high as it is Zone 3, some NRC commissioners are seriously considering this proposal.

Do we need more does harvested in Zone 3? In general, the answer is likely a qualified yes. Our trained wildlife biologists recommend it.

But if this proposal were to be approved, what kind of detrimental effects would we witness on the quality of the remainder of the archery season during the coveted pre-rut stage? Even into the early prime-time days of November? How would the total archery harvest be affected considering the cautious nature of deer once a firearms season begins? What about safety concerns for camo-clad bowhunters in the woods at this time? Will bowhunters be required to wear blaze orange while attempting to draw a bow on a wary deer at close range? There are many interests to consider.

The NRC is scheduled to take action on this proposal at the next NRC meeting scheduled for May 8th. Between now and then, the NRC needs to hear from you if you have concerns or opinions on this matter. The members of the NRC can be contacted at the following addresses and phone numbers:

Commissioner Contact Info:

Mary C. Brown
1624 Grand Avenue
Kalamazoo, MI 49006
269-344-3738 (Office)

Keith J. Charters (Chair)
126 Spring Hill Road.
Traverse City, MI 49686
517-373-2352 (Office)

Hurley J. Coleman, Jr.
2405 Bay Road
Saginaw, MI 48602
989-752-7957 (Office)

Darnell Earley
P.O. Box 70141
Lansing, MI 48908

John Madigan
831 W. Munising Avenue
Munising, MI 49862
906-387-4468 (Office)

J. R. Richardson
36658 McGuire Road
Ontonagon, MI 49953
906-885-7187 (Office)

Frank C. Wheatlake
Reed City Power Line Supply,
420 N. Roth Street,
P.O. Box 147
Reed City, MI 49677
231-796-5491 (Home)
231-832-2258 (Office)

Department of Natural Resources
Executive Division
Attention: Teresa Gloden
P.O. BOX 30028
Lansing, MI 48909
[email protected]

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Here is a letter that gives them a good alternative to adding a gun season in the middle of Archery Season.

Dear Commissioners,

The reason I am writing is because I just received and email about the possibility of having to add a 5 day gun season in October to thin out the deer herd in Zone 3. As an archer, I am concerned about the disruption that firearms might have in the middle of archery season. I also assume that the Michigan Bowhunter's will not be pleased if this action takes place.

I would suggest an alternate route that might solve your problem of over population and not have the major disturbance of a gun season in the middle of archery season. The Commission could add crossbows in the regular archery season for Zone 3 and this would help decrease the population. Ohio has had great success with crossbows and their ability to be used in the urban setting where fire arms are not always allowed.

Bow Hunting: An Important Deer Management Tool
By Michael J. Tonkovich, wildlife research biologist, and Patrick Ruble, Bowhunting Preservation Alliance
Another phenomenon occurred during the past 25 years, which has made bowhunting a very valuable management tool. Deer have taken up residence in our cities and towns in fairly large numbers. Bowhunting is often the most effective and efficient way to address overabundant deer in these areas. Cuyahoga County is a good example. The 200405 archery harvest was 443 deer 90 percent of the total county harvest. Although an insignificant contribution to the statewide harvest, the harvest represents over 400 animals that likely would have had to have been taken by less desirable means such as sharp shooting or automobiles. The crossbow accounted for the majority of the harvest. Urban deer problems and problems associated with abundant deer are not unique to Ohio. What is unique is the central role that the crossbow has played in these situations.

Pennsylvania has a program that has added crossbows to the archery season in Wildlife Management Units around Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. These WMUs are in about 17 counties.
To offer hunters additional deer hunting opportunities, especially in urbanized areas, the Board of Game Commissioners today gave final approval to a measure to expand the use of crossbows for hunting in Pennsylvania.
Under the new regulation, which takes effect on July 1, crossbows may be used statewide for bear and elk and during any of the firearms deer seasons, including the regular two-week concurrent deer season, the early muzzleloader season and the late flintlock season. In addition, in Wildlife Management Units 2B, 5C and 5D - the most urbanized areas in the state - crossbows would be legal during any established deer season.
Statewide, hunters using crossbows during the early muzzleloader season or late flintlock season would need to have a muzzleloader stamp in addition to their general hunting license and appropriate WMU antlerless deer license. However, late-season flintlock hunters using a crossbow would be permitted to take an antlered deer or an antlerless deer anywhere in the state with their unused antlered deer tag, just like other late- season flintlock hunters.
In WMUs 2B, 5C and 5D, hunters using a crossbow during the archery seasons would need to purchase an archery stamp in addition to their general hunting license and appropriate WMU antlerless deer license.
Disabled hunters would still need to obtain a permanent or temporary disabled hunter permit to use a crossbow during the statewide early archery season outside of WMUs 2B, 5C and 5D.

Starting this fall, Maryland will be adding crossbows to the full archery season in their Suburban Deer Archery Zones. This zone covers five counties and is again an attempt to increase the harvest without adding additional fire arms days.

DNR Finalizes Hunting and Trapping Proposed Regulations for the 20082009 and 20092010 Seasons

ANNAPOLIS, MD Today, the Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Wildlife and Heritage Service finalized the hunting and trapping season and bag limit regulations for the 2008-2009 and 2009-2010 seasons. Public comment opportunities began in early February with several public meetings and concluded last week with the Wildlife Advisory Commission approving all of the proposals.
We are very pleased by the outstanding quality and quantity of input we received during all aspects of the public comment period, said Pete Jayne, Associate Director for Game Management. Its very encouraging to hear from so many people who passionately care about Marylands remarkable wildlife resources.
Deer -
o Allow crossbows to be used during the entire bow season in the Suburban Deer Archery Zone (Anne Arundel, Baltimore, Howard, Montgomery and Prince Georges counties).


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early doe season in michigan

that deer season has been moved to september the 3rd thursday of the month for 5 days. it has been approved for private land only. i think that will run right along the same time as the youth early duck hunt.
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