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Couldn't find the minimum listed anywhere, and the universal owner's manual specifies to use 'proper length' but doesn't say any more. The xbow comes with two 18" arrows. They do say that 380 grains is the minimum for arrow weight, and I'm wondering if 16" arrows (field point), 400+ grains are fine to shoot as well.

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I did an internet search where most websites just list 2 each aluminum arrows.
I did find a few on the following;
1) lists two 20" aluminum arrows.
2) lists two 18" aluminum arrows.
3) feedback recommends purchasing extra 18" or 20" arrows.

As for going to 16" arrows with 400 plus grains, I do not see any problem. Barnett
uses 380 grain arrow-point combination as the test arrow for speed even though
they do not recommend using them.

For test purposes I have built shorter arrows using field point and certain broadheads
where the broadhead is back in the arrow channel. To do this: 1)check the depth of the
arrow groove for clearance if using a 3 blade broadhead. 2)before installing the insert
into the arrow shaft, install the proper size broadhead into the insert tight. 3)Align the
blade of the broadhead with the cock vane.
Using 2 blade broadheads, lay the blades horizontal which then they should stay above
the rail.
Using some mechanicals, there should be no problem.

Note: after assembling an arrow with the broadhead, do not swap with another broadhead,
even if it is the same make or series incase the thread puts the blades in a different spot.

Sight the crossbow in with what ever arrow configuration you plan to shoot.

Wishing you all the best with what ever you decide.
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