Mission Archery has released two new crossbows for the 2014 season along with a new crank style cocking aid for a crossbow that is silent. They have also partnered up with Burt Coyote and now offer their crossbow arrows with Lumenoks. Please check out the official press release here.
Sparta, Wisconsin – MXB-400™: Mission Archery® breaks new ground with the MXB-400™—a screaming-fast, 400 FPS crossbow built on a lightweight frame. Shooters can now achieve tighter pin gaps without sacrificing mobility thanks to a 14” power stroke and balanced frame.

The MXB-400™ takes advantage of a host of proven technologies such as the RSS Tread™ which makes conventional foot-stirrups obsolete, the PCC Anchor™ that eliminates the possibility of string hook jumps, and the BIASS Rail™ that minimizes weight and enhances downrange accuracy. Dual X-Cams™ significantly reduce recoil making the MXB-400™the ultimate speed bow. Starting at $1199*, the MXB-400™ comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

MXB-DAGGER™ – At just 30 inches, the Dagger™ can go with you anywhere. With a power-stroke of just 10” and a physical weight of only 6.3 lbs, the Dagger™ is Mission Archery®’s lightest, most compact crossbow to date. Powered by the all-new perimeter-weighted WX-Cams™, the Dagger™ is truly silent and nimble. Starting at $799*, the MXB-Dagger™ boosts speeds of 340 FPS and comes with an industry-leading Limited Lifetime Warranty.

All MXB® Crossbows are compatible with the new RSD System™—the first silent mechanical cocking device. Both the MXB-Dagger™ and MXB-400™ come assembled and include a Mission Archery® case. Available in Tactical, Lost AT®, Snow and Pink Camo finishes. To learn more, visit www.missionarchery.com or your nearest Authorized Mission Archery® Retailer.
*Base MSRP features Lost AT® or Pink Camo and does not include accessories.
RSD (REMOVABLE SILENT DRAW) SYSTEM™Mission Archery® leads the industry with the first-ever silent mechanical cocking device for crossbows. The patent pending RSD™ fits all Mission MXB® Crossbows and can be installed or removed in a matter of a few seconds. In addition to being completely silent, the RSD™ improves accuracy through the use of a floating rope-pull that ensures equal tension is applied to each side of the bowstring during the draw.

The RSD System™ is outfitted with a removable, ambidextrous reel that when engaged will reduce the operator’s effort by eight times. The RSD System™ makes it possible for virtually anyone to draw a crossbow in complete silence.
BURT COYOTE® & MISSION TEAM UP – Mission Archery® also partnered with Burt Coyote® to design a Lumenok™ specifically for Mission MXB® crossbow models. Lumenok’s™ lighted nock is made with a polycarbonate material and allows the user to follow the flight path of the bolt even at high speeds. The Lumenok™ will come assembled for instant use and is included with any Mission Archery® Crossbow Bolt 3 Pack.