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my 8 year old son wanted a crossbow to hunt with dad, so we got him a horton legend sl, it was a little heavy for him and the stock was to long,and he flinched because of the noise when he shot it,but with the horton scope he was doing pretty good,so dad customized it for him and now it is awesome crossbow for him,first when i was removing the butt plate to remove the stock extension I noticed the stock was hollow inside a good place for excessive noise,I sprayed the inside of stock with sound stopper by limbsaver,
I drilled and counter sunk a hole in butt plate and attached a s coil stabilizer then trimmed off excess insert installed stabilizer inside of stock and filled the empty space with bb,s styrofoam used in shipping in there tight to remove noise and vibration,then installed a slip on limbsaver recoil pad over the old butt plate to remove vibration.That alone helped the noise and vibration but i kept on going, I removed and sprayed the cocking stirrup because it works like a tuning fork, some vibration from there.I removed the quiver and mounted a nice folding bi pod that has a swivel bracket to the quiver mount , so he would not have to hold the weight of crossbow,next I fashioned another small 2 inch stabilizer to the bolt that holds cocking stirrup on clear of the arrows path and fletching,
it was really getting better for him now, and really smooth,and quiet,I remembered the avi that barnett just came out with and how much it help there cb, so I removed the limbs from stock and masked off with tape the cams,strings cables, and sprayed the limbs with sound stopper, let it dry good removed the tape and re installed everything, then masked and sprayed the bi pod, well now the little fellow has a really cool crossbow that is very very quiet and he can shoot it all by himself sitting down in a blind or from a chair blind the flinching is gone now as it is very quiet and he does not have to hold the weight of the crossbow,His shooting has improved to wow performance , I better start saving for his taxidermy bill this upcoming season, lol
The next thing is to install some string stopper string stumpers, or sts string stoppers, drilled and tapped to attach to riser behind limbs.
My son is so very happy with his new crossbow now, it fits him just right.and I am so impressed with how quiet and smooth it shoots.accuracy is fantastic with the horton scope.That silent armor is very good stuff.
Plan to spray my folding chairs legs that go inside my hunting blind next with silent armor.
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