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Well, 2 evenings after I took my buck, my wife shoot this dandy 8 point with her Excalibur 360.
See was watching him about 100 yards away in one of our pecan bottoms. He was with a group of does. She texted me and told me she was watching him but it didn't appear he would get any closer. I told her to be patient and most likely him and the does would feed their way closer for a shot. She had ranged another smaller 8 that walked near her earlier at 40 yards.
All of a sudden a big black boar hog comes in to munch on some pecans and it spooked the deer. They ran toward her and he stopped exactly where she had ranged the young 8 earlier. Her Excal was already on her shooting stick when he stopped at 40. She made a perfect shot and the buck when 50 yards and piled up. I put grim reapers on her arrows and they work perfectly!
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