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My Wisconsin Buck

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Just as the evening was winding down this guy caught my eye off to the right walking in along the standing corn field. It was about a 20 minute standoff until he slowly walked in within 19 yards of my blind. He only offered me one shot, a quartering towards me shot! I lined up the top reticle on my scope and laid the smack down on him! The Black Eagle Zombie Slayer arrow with a Muzzy HB Ti broadhead and a Clean-Shot lighted nock did the job! He only made it about 25 yards till he piled up like hitting a brick wall! I love those fast and easy recoveries! He dressed out at 178 pounds. A very nice 4-5 year old 8 point buck!

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He's a dandy!! Congrat's!!!

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Awesome Buck, Congrats!!
Good God it's meat, let's eat ! Nice one !
Yep,that's a keeper! Congrats!!!
Great buck! Congrats!
Thanks everyone! It was a fun evening!

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Boy, he looks full grown!
Tip to tip was 13”. Inside spread was 21” with an outside spread of 23 1/2”. Right main beam was 22 1/4” & left main beam was 21 1/2”. Left G1 was 11 1/4” & right G1 was 10 1/2”. Not a bad old buck!

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