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My next door neighbor who knows nothing about hunting,fishing,boating, fixing,and many of the other finer things of life was watching me across the fence shooting my Crossbow.

He called out to me,what is that thing you are shooting?.
I replied,my Bow.
Oh,he says,and what do you call the things coming out of the end and going into the circle on that mattress?.

I said,thats not a mattress,that is my foam target,and those things going into the circle are my arrows hitting the bullseye.

Oh,do you buy that foamy thing,
Sporting goods store.
Is that string thing hard to pull back?,looks like it,takes both hands and a leg.
Yes ,I said pretty hard.
Have you ever really shoot anything live with a contraption like that?
Yes .
Where did you hit it?
Heart or lungs mostly.
Did it kill it?
I ran over a Squirrel one time,didn't kill it,was sick for a week.
To bad.
Yes it was.

Can I come over and shoot it?
Sorry,I was about to go in for the night.

As I entered the back wife was cracking up with laughter.
She had been listening!
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very funny

very funny your neighbor

He will be wanting to go hunting with you next? lol

You know a crossbow to a person new to crossbows is amazing to see

They are awesome, crossbows love them all..

Hope all dads had a wonderful fathers day, I very much enjoyed my day..

Happy fathers day to all ...fathers

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Great read. It's super that you gave him the chance to try something he (obviously) knew nothing about. Who knows, he may just take it up. I'd be shooting a bow even if I didn't hunt. Playing with them is just too much fun.

Incurable Tinkerer
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Should have read: "It would be super...
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