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New Guy long story

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I been having problems with my email and my screen name was RKick. Now I'm Kush You may have seen my request for help and it has been my email for some reason not sure what it was. To everyone that tried to help me out thanks. I believe that it works now will see.

Thanks again
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Enjoy the site. You can always contact a site admin and ask them to change you name back. They'll oblige ya.;) Welcome to the boards. :)
I have been messing with this for about 4 weeks and didn't really get the help that I thought I might.
Welcome to the nation.
Welcome to the CBN! :)
Welcome to the CBN! :)
Hi I was here before with a different name. I believe everything that was messed up is working now I can log in anyway.
I bought a trigger kit (sniper 370) from you a couple years ago and just so you know everything is still working great.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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