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New Hori-zone Redback owner

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Happy Thanksgiving forum.
New Redback owner with a dilema...
I assembled the crossbow correctly & upon my first shot, the prod/limb came off within the insertion slot. It didn't break, the three small compression plates popped out & have been lost in the grassy yard. I have no idea how far the fell from the position I was standing in. The prod/limb was secured tight (not overly tight) so I'm not sure if this has happened to anyone else. Now, I'm in the need for new plates to secure the prod/limb. Does anyone have spare components or know of some other way to secure it to the rail?
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Welcome to camp! If I were you, I would look in the owners manual to get the name and part numbers of the missing parts and then contact the company and see if they can mail you the parts.
X2 on contacting the company
Welcome to the boards. :)
Sorry about the bow. But welcome to the nation.
Welcome to the Nation.
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