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New light for blood tracking.

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Coast TX22R flashlight

Some of you know that I have been messing with tools to enhance blood. This light is a continuation of those efforts. I have found that a decent light with different colored filters is only of small help at best for me. But...for some people with certain types and the right degree of color blindness they can be a little more help. This light is an attempt to see if maybe a much brighter lighter might just be of some use.

MSRP $129 - Lifetime replacement warranty, 1 year on the Battery
Max lumens = 5300
High setting = 2080 lumens
Medium setting = 540 lumens
Low setting = 130 lumens

Battery is a proprietary LiFePo4 7.4 Volt. (2 21700/4000mAh) in series.

This is a focusing light and it has a very tight focus for extreme range. Even the low setting it focuses tightly enough to light up 250 feet decently and be useful for blood trailing deer. (32 hour runtime on low). As with any focusing light, the prismatic effect of the lens will more or less render the color temp of the light meaningless depending on where in the beam you look.

It is a large heavy light, bigger than a 2 D cell Maglight.

The higher output levels are well more than enough for blood trailing, even when defocused all the way to flood. and should be very helpful for finding deer if they are not obscured by tall grass and brush. When I can find some filters for this size lens, those. high brightness levels may well help a lot. This will light up a deer very well at 1/4 mile when focused. For comparison, this light is brighter than most car headlights on high beam. Trying to use it focused on high or turbo will fry your night vision in a hurry. This is about as much light output as is really likely to be useful.

The case is sturdy machined aluminum with light knurling, and would probably suffice for knocking Bambi in the head if necessary. The on/off switch cycles through med-high-low and holding it down for a second kicks on the turbo.

The light comes with the lithium battery and an unpopulated 6 AA cell battery carrier, a wall wart charger and USB-C cable for charging. The battery can be charged while inside the unit by backing out the tail cap to expose the USB-C connection, or the battery can be removed and has it's own USB-C connection for charging the battery and it has a USB-A connection so that you can use it as a power bank (presumably 8000 mAh) to charge other devices like your phone or GPS to waypoint a carcass.

All in all, a very well made, very powerful light with a lot of runtime for this kind of output.

I have tried colored filters on blood with "normal" lights and have to think that there's a good chance this kind of horsepower might just be enough to make that blood pop a little. I have tried it on arrows and the nocks and fletchings on some of them stand out quite well, which of and by itself might just be a good reason for this light. You wouldn't have to recover a lot of arrows to pay for the light.
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Maybe I missed it. I have read this three times and do not see a name or model for this light. I see the battery information, but nothing on the light.
Maybe I missed it. I have read this three times and do not see a name or model for this light. I see the battery information, but nothing on the light.
I distinctly remember typing the make and model of the light, but it sure isn't in the write up. I edited it to add that info.

I won't know much more for a while. Maybe the best use of the beast is stunning kids with it. It'll for sure be a decent trailing light, but it is no way shape or form pocketable. Strictly a pack light.
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