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Well, I'm an idiot. The previous generation of the Ravin Press was such a flawed design with the newer Ravins (R26 and R29, and maybe others) since you had to remove the scope rail, that I was certain the new model press would address that short coming. I was so certain that I bought the new model without doing any research on it, which I normally do extensively. Because they had to have fixed that huge problem, right??

Wrong. I was dead wrong. You still need to remove the scope rail even with the new Multi Press. I can't believe they designed it that way....again :mad:

However, since it comes with three different sets of blocks (See pics: Grey is R500, Black is R18, and Orange is every other Ravin model), I MIGHT be able to make it work on my R26 without removing the scope rail if I use the R500 blocks. I may need to modify those blocks a bit on the mill, though.

Haven't tried it yet, but will update once I'm in a position to press my primary hunting crossbow. i.e., after my buck tags are all filled or the season ends.

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