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Newby from Texas

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Newby from Cypress Texas here. Long time Trad, Compound Bowhunter and handgun hunter diving all in on the crossbow scene. Looking forward to gaining some insight and expertise from the group.
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Welcome aboard, Plainsman. Tune that sucker up and do in some hogs or white-tails or whatever and post some photos of your handiwork.:D Mainly, have a good time in The Nation.:)
You're in good company and Welcome to the CBN! :)

Many of us have been down that same or very similar paths. I've been all-in with crossbows for about 5 years. Having the time of my life too!
Welcome to the boards. :)
Welcome aboard!
Welcome to the Nation.
Welcome pardner to the nation. Make yourself at home and throw another log on the fire.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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