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Nexgen Crossbows - any Infos ?

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Hi Guys,
I bought a Nexgen Pony 335 Compound Crossbow - it seems to be made by Sanlida / Jandao ... and furthermore it seems to be sold before by Maximum Crossbows years ago (the company is gone now).

Sadly NObody from Nexgen is answering ... maybe they are gone, too ???

I like to install string-stoppers on this crossbow - there are two holes on each side off the crossbow front / riser - but I don’t know, which ones I must take ?

Or if I must build/make some on my own ?

Any ideas, help or support is much appreciated !

Thank you +++


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Yea, just make your own.
Thread some steel rod or even thick walled tubing, bond on the rubber stoppers on the other end...there you go. Use thin "lock nuts" to secure the rods in place in the riser.
Might want to look at other brands assemblies, they may work. You also may need to put a bend in your steel rods to mate 90° with the string. No angles.

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The stocks and foot stirrup do appear to be the same which doesn’t suprise me at all. The trigger in the nextgen does appear to be Jandao. The Maximus has a trigger that was built in Indiana.. The rep behind Maximus was Paul Vicunus (spelling is wrong I’m sure) the man behind Camx crossbows.
I owned a Maximus, then when I couldn’t find parts I came a crossed Nexgen. I called them maybe Sept of 2016. And spoke to a man there. He told me some of the parts interchanged but the trigger I needed was not one of them. Oddly enough I then ended up with a couple of Native Crossbows which used parts From the Maximus, Parker,Scorpyd and PARTS MADE IN HOUSE IN INDIANA. Parts made by the same people who did machine work for Maximus.
Sadly the gentleman who owned Native and the machinists behind Maximus has passed away. And the machines sold off by his widow. I own 3 Natives and love all 3. One of which holds two Indoor National titles and every state record the IFAA has for the class.

If it helps the last time I saw a Maximus or Nextgen listed for sale it was on . And the site appears active. I would leave off the string stops, adding them could create a week point in a bow that parts may be hard to find.
Good luck in your search
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Hi jMalone,
many thanks for your reply and the infos +++

Nexgen is not answering ... i try it several times.

I wrote also to Sanlida / Jandao and now I am waiting for there reply.

Thanks, I found the canadacrossbow website by my research, too. But I guess, they are selling a different or „only“ the recurve version of the Maximus crossbows ...

In Germany the Nexgen Pony 335 Crossbow is sold for example here:

If you think about to get one ;-)

Greetings Dragon
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