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Hello folks,
I own a carbon nitro since a few months and I shoot only on target, freehand upto 70m.
I am happy about the balance and accuracy of the crossbow but I made a few improvements, mainly to reduce arrow and rail wear.
1st - I served the cables with halo .014 because the cables suffer a lot due to friction, even when waxing a lot. I must say I really shoot a lot. Before, I shot competition recurve archery but suffer from tennis elbow and resting till autumn.
2nd - I changed the timing of the cams because out of the box, the arrows showed scuffings between vane and nock.
3rd - I also served with halo .014 the complete string and then added the middle serving using angel majestic .025.
Now I am getting to the issue of the limbs...
I have always noticed that my limbs gradually moved forward in the pocket (even before the changes 1-3). I can put them back taking off the cables (using my press). But after let's say 100 arrows, they move forward again for 0.2-0.3 inch.
The timing of the cams is perfect, no more scuffing on the arrows and the timing indicators are exactly the same - cocked or not.
Should I shorten my string and add a few twists to it?
Has anybody had the same experience?

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