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Pac-Press Inline Crossbow Press kit, or built press $275- $350 shipped!!

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Pac-Press Inline Crossbow Press kit, or built press $275- $350 shipped!!

Inline crossbow press complete DIY kits $275 TYD, or built for you $350 TYD
All slide adjustable from 4"-29", can be set up both right or left handed, presses both traditional and reverse limbs, slide on fold up legs, fully adjustable sleeved reversible finger assemblies (steel), all genuine ACME drive components... Easily stows away for storage, or travel. Use it anywhere you go...
Perfect for inverted limbs, and the newer super narrow ATA'S
Kits can be welded up in a single afternoon...

Reversed limbs press the same just on the lower fingers...
Get one now while you can.....
Press any compound crossbow you want..


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Between bow presses and crossbow presses; that finger order went fast...
I'm putting together another finger order at the machine shop for next week (not sure how many blanks are left to work with Sooo...)
So anyone considering a press or build project; ill need to know in the next couple of days!!
Going to have a couple extra this week so hit me up...
Down to less than 20 more sets of fingers available; so dont wait until they're gone !!
Machine shop shuts down at 9 am on Fridays (Amish)... So i can still get some of the fingers ordered today if anyone wants one of these next week let me know soon..
2 extra kits ready to ship this week!!
Sorry fellas, but this is the last week I can do these at these prices... Just informed that parts and shipping cost are going up...
So if you want one of these at $275, and $350 You have to order this week!! Pricing is going up 3/02/2020!!
Got mine, just need to weld it up. Thanks!
Final notice!!
Tomorrows the Last day I can get parts before the price hike...
I ordered up the last of the fingers that I can get for awhile; so after I ship this weeks presses; I can only do 10 more presses until I can put together enough funds for an order of blanks...
If youre gonna want a set up for the up coming Turkey season better let me know now before these fingers are gone...
Im going to keep the same price until these run out...
Can only do 2 more
pic of how it is shipped unwelded
I have one of these and it is awesome. Even if you have to weld or get it welded you still can’t beat the price or quality.
I have one also and it's very sturdy and well made! I bought the assembled version and recommend that! The cost difference is probably cheaper than having someone else weld it for you,unless you weld or have a friend!
I finished welding my kit today. I am waiting for the paint to dry now. I think it will work nicely.
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That is a great looking press, wonder how much it would cost to get one to me in Australia?
That is a great looking press, wonder how much it would cost to get one to me in Australia?
Probably as much as the price of the press? I know it would be very expensive. It is a nice press though.

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