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Parker quiver replacement

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I shoot a Parker “Enforcer” and am quite happy with it but am not in love with the quiver. It’s the transverse mounted quiver and the fixture it cam-locks into is fastened to the riser with two stout hex bolts. It tends to have a bit of looseness and the inside of the hood is quite tight for even for 1-1/8” diameter fixed 3-blade heads.
Are there any other generic of other brand quivers/mounts which can be mounted on that bow?

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The most experienced guy I know, from Wisconsin, who has the best archery shop is Jeremy. His shop is Ackerville Archery in Slinger Wis..... Google him up,,,, really nice young guy.... He would know, may have something for you, but that is who I would ask..... good luck

I hate all xbow mounted quivers, so my Thunderhawk quiver is on my belt or in pack..... But I know , Jeremy would have an answer for you....................
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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