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Shot the Phoenix tonight and am getting the impression that the Vortex and Cyclone may be spending some time in the rack come deer season. It's outfitted with a small reflex sight making the package very light compared to the two VariZone scoped bows. It's a joy to shoot. Cosistantly hit the inner circle on 25 yard targets, shooting offhand. The group opens a bit at 32 yard but still is "minute of deer." Much to my pleasant surprise 42 yards is very doable.
(Had previously reserved that distance for the two faster bows). Nice thing is that it shoot stock 4" vaned arrow almost as well as the tricked out Gold Tips I'm saving for hunting. I'm tipping 'em with NAP Spitfires;the other two with Slicks.
Just a little over 6 weeks and it will be Stand Time. Can hardly wait.

PS The little doe that was born last July fed just past my 50 yard target this evening as I watched off the deck.
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