The Pioneer Airbow is a brand new product from Benjamin Air Rifles released at the 2016 ATA show. While this product is called an "Airbow" because it does shoot an arrow, they are fully aware that this product is really more like a gun. And while the debate will be wether the Pioneer Airbow should be included in archery seasons or not, one thing is for certain, it is really cool and fun to shoot.

The Airbow from Benjamin is basically an airgun that shoots arrows up to 450 feet per second. The way it works is there is an on board cylinder type tank reservoir that you fill with air. This reservoir is filled up to 3,000 psi by an external tank. At the end of the reservoir is dial type air gauge indicator so you can monitor the air pressure and know when it is time to fill it up again. The next step is to take one of the specially designed arrows and slide it over the barrel of the Airbow. These arrows are manufactured by Victory arrows exclusively for the Pioneer Airbow and weigh in at 375 grains with a 100 grain field point. Once the arrow is pushed all the way down the barrel, it seats itself on a patent pending collar that creates an air tight seal. After the arrow is loaded it's time to cock the Benjamin Airbow. To do that there is a handle which is incorporated into the stock. With very little effort, you pull back the cocking handle and push it back down to its resting position and the Airbow is now cocked. One really cool feature about the Pioneer Airbow is that you can also de-cock it just as easy and you don't even have to remove the arrow. Another feature is that if you should forget to load the Airbow and accidentally dry fire it, it will not be damaged.   I'm told it will have a MSRP of $999.00 and will be available in April.

The big question will be is it legal to hunt with and what states are you allowed to hunt with it in. The manufacturer says that it is already legal in any state that already has a season which allows a hunter to take big game with an air rifle or in those states that allow airguns in their gun seasons. The manufacturer also provides a link with details on their website providing you with information on how to start the process to get the Benjamin Pioneer Airbow accepted into archery season.

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