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Has anyone here attempted to build a primitive style crossbow? By primitive, I mean using a skane-style or pin lock instead of the more typical (for medieval crossbows) rolling nut locks. This would replicate the crossbows found in a moat in the present day Skane area of Sweden. These were known to be from a peasant uprising in the 1200s. I have made a working skane crossbow using a PVC prod but I’m thinking about trying to upgrade the prod to a laminated wood/clear fiberglass bow that would look pretty authentic but should be more efficient when left cocked than just wood (or my current PVC crossbow which looses power if left cocked for more than a minute or so). I would shoot (pun intended) for a 36” prod pulling about 100# at a 12” power stroke. Has anyone heard of this being done before? I would be really guessing with my laminations unless I can find someone with experience.
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