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QD Scope Rings

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I was wondering if anybody is using quick detachable scope rings on their crossbow. I'm thinking about replacing my original package rings with QD rings. It makes it nice and easy to switch quickly from scope to red dot or another scope.
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If you mean without tools, no. But I see no reason (other than expense) not to.
One problem I have found is on my Barnett and Horton, both mount rails were too narrow for some brand rings to tighten to the mount.
I have tried some Luepold rings and they are fine you can adjust the lock levers to any position but you are right they are pricey
Should be fine... especially if you're running a true Pic rail. There are scads of good QD rings that fit Pic rails.
I use Bobro mounts on my 2 scopes for my AR15 and I can swap back and forth and still hold zero. A bit pricey but the best mounts I’ve ever had.
I bought another set of Leupolds so now I can switch my crossbow scopes with no zero impact.
I have them on all my rifles too.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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