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R29 serving wear

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I'm thinking of buying a r29. How many shots does the serving last ?
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Had mine about a year now. Probably 50 shots on it, No visible signs of wear. Check out "Riflenut's" posts on the R29.

Great Little Bow in my opinion.
I had had about 35 shots on mine with no sign of wear. I have also had my bow cocked for about 35 hours total this year waiting for a deer to commit and my ata is still spot in. I did take advice of others and purchased a set of Archery Shack string and cables to change out when needed. A very small investment for what appears to be a better product.
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It's probably appropriate to remind everyone that my whole intent of striving to find a better set of strings for Ravin crossbows was to give the Ravin string maker some serious competition. I've found the best way to drive improvement is to introduce competition.
In addition, along the way towards this goal, I've discovered that the so called premium string makers who sell tons of strings don't necessarily produce a product that fits a Ravin to specification. Fortunately, I found a good string maker who was willing to listen and fine tune the length of their cables and string to meet Ravin specs.

When I hear comments that folks are having great success with their new Ravin and the strings are not stretching, that's a reminder to me that they are indeed listening. Hopefully, they are also listening and improving the string center serving durability.
There's absolutely no reason for any quality crossbow manufacturer to ship a bow from the factory that doesn't have a high quality set of strings that are not pre-stretched before served.

BTW, I initially suspected that when someone installed a new set of Ravin strings that were shorter than required to meet the 10.5" ATA requirement, it could create a potential serious issue. You see, when you have such stiff limbs and you compress them more then designed, it can create extra loading on the trigger box. When the bow is cocked for a long period of time while hunting, this additional loading can have a growing negative effect which of course can lead to a unsafe situation.

I urge every Ravin owner to confirm that the ATA for their crossbow is not shorter than specified.
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