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Ravin powerstroke 2020 possibilities

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R-26 9.5 powerstroke 400fps cams and strings different
R-29 12.5 powerstroke 430fps interchangeable
R-20 13 powerstroke 430 FPS interchangeable
R-10 11 powerstroke 400fps interchangeable

somehow by a string change and cam repositioning they made a 9.5 inch powerstroke shoot 400fps

what happens if you reposition the cams and do string and cable work on the other models. Ravins powerstroke to FPS is something to be looked at closer than I first thought. Is it possible to do the cam change to the longer powerstroke? Is this what we could have this year. I believe it possible to see a 450fps r-29.
I really need to look at the 2 bows side by side to compare the cam and string differences.
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Any expert thoughts from someone who has had there hands on both the 29 and 26 to share some input.
Look very closely at the R26 and you'll find the limb pockets have been modified and are indeed different from their other bows. An R20 will in fact shoot slightly faster than a R29 but the 1/2" increase in power stroke is just not significant.
IMO, they don't need more speed at all to once again set the bar higher. It's not a matter of flatter arrow trajectory but a matter of accurately predicting that arrow trajectory so that the arrow can be delivered more precisely to the target with very little if any additional effort by the shooter.
If you are concerned about arrow penetration at longer distances, and that's why you want more speed, then a skinny arrow can easily address that concern.
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