I purchased this crossbow last March on ArcheryTalk. I’ll include the original ad.
Thought I would get into hunting with it but it’s still setting in the box at home. I don’t foresee using it anytime soon so I’m offering it at a loss.
I have zero experience with crossbows so technical questions are better answered by others. I’m happy to provide any pics that you request.
Since I’m new to the forum with zero feedback, I understand that everyone will be hesitant to do a transaction. Feel free to call , text or FaceTime me if you are interested. I have excellent feedback on other hunting sites with multiple selling and buying of items. Mainly optics and firearms.
The CB looks new and original owner stated he only fired 10 arrows. Never hunted with it.
Please reach out if you are interested and need more information.
Thanks Jim Engle
520 349-2926