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Ravin R20 Package

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Ravin R20 Predator Camo package. I bought this bow last fall and shot it maybe 25-30 times. Comes with 3 brand new arrows, new 100 yard illuminated scope, and case
Has brand new set of Ravin strings and cables with five shots.
1750 TYD
Will post pics shortly

In the never-ending quest for superior speed and rifle-like accuracy, the R20 delivers just that. With a 12.5-inch power stroke, the R20 inflicts speeds over 430 FPS and 164-foot pounds of kinetic energy. Shooting 3-inch groups at 100 yards, this crossbow is sure to impress bow hunters and gun enthusiasts alike! Available in Predator Camo, exclusive to Ravin Crossbows.

430 FPS
Weight: 7.1 lbs.
Length: 34.5”
Width Axle to Axle 6” Cocked
Width Axle to Axle 10.5” Un-cocked
Power-Stroke: 12.5”
Kinetic Energy: 164
Draw Weight: 12 lbs.
HeliCoil Technology
3 – Ravin .003 Arrows & Field Tips (400 Grain Total)
1 – Removable Draw Handle
1 – Quiver/Mounting Bracket
100 Yard Illuminated Scope
Built-In Cocking Mechanism
Anti-Dry Fire/Auto Safety
Built-in Sling Mounts

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1700 TYD minus the case

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Thinking I priced it too high what about 1650 TYD

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Starting new post with pics

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Check out my video on YouTube. I cover what I learned owning and using the R15 and R20
Your posting stuff on posts over a year old.
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